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Supported Living

We believe that everyone has the right to choose how they live their life.  We have four houses in the beautiful surroundings of the Thornage Hall estate and one house in the village of Thornage. We work closely with Freebridge Housing who hold the tenancies for the people living at Thornage to provide a high standard of accommodation. Tenants live together in each house supported by our staff to live the life they choose as independently as possible. Our ethos focuses on supporting the individual through the strength of the community to reach their potential.

Everyone is different and we ensure that through our person centred, holistic approach we tailor the support and care for each individual at a level that is right for them. Individual support is strengthened by the wider support of the whole community, from other tenants, staff and volunteers.

Our admissions process is currently under review with Norfolk County Council who have nomination rights over our voids (tenancies), should you be interested in supporting a family member to move to Thornage Hall you will need to contact Norfolk County Council directly to discuss further. 

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This Includes

  • Support with meals
  • Support with domestic tasks
  • Help with personal care
  • Emotional support
  • Support to contribute to our community within Thornage Hall
  • Support maintaining relationships with family and friends, both within our community as well as outside
  • Support to pursue individual interests and hobbies outside of Thornage
  • Support to access the wider community, going out on visits, attending the theatre or concerts

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