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Our Biodynamic Farm

Biodynamics is a whole farm approach that seeks to manage the soils, crops, and animals on a farm in such a way that the enterprises on a farm strengthen and support each other. It is based on the principle that all life is interconnected. So every plant, each inset, the rocks and soil, the clouds and weather, the stars above all form part of the living organism of our planet. Our farm is a microcosm of this greater whole and we work to recognize, restore and support natural cycles and interrelationships. We treat our farm as a complete ecosystem, supporting the delicate balances in nature:

Trees, shrubs and hedges provide shelter from wind and sun and serve as nesting and breeding area for birds and small animals.

The domesticated animals as well all contribute to the ecosystem of the farm, whether the production of animal manure for compost, or the bees pollinating the plants it is all essential to the life of the farm.

Instead of simply supplying the plants with nutrients we aim to bring life and vitality to the soil so that plants themselves can find what they need.

Being attuned to local seasonal and broader celestial cycles and rhythms we can identify the best times to plant, cultivate and harvest particular crops. We use the influence of

  • The compost heap where we gather all our organic waste material and animal manure to create a humus risk compost
  • The use of biodynamic preparations which are made from natural plant and animal products and sprayed on compost or directly on the land to enhance the life of the soil.  
  • Crop rotation including soil building legumes and green manure, as well as flowering plants and herbs

Paying attention to the relationships between plants, pests and disease, the use of companion planting and consideration of animal life can all be used to create optimum conditions for growth.

This living soil can grow healthy plants which provide the basis for a healthy diet for animals and humans.

Find out more about biodynamic agriculture at and or click here to view a very informative video clip.


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