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Mission, vision and values

Ethos at Thornage Hall

Ethos at Thornage Hall

Our vision

An environmentally sustainable world where everyone can live, learn and work together in a meaningful way, regardless of ability or disability.

Our values

  • Choice: We believe in helping individuals to make choices that reflect their preferences, interests, and goals. Through open communication and collaboration, we strive to provide a range of options to help tenants and service users actively shape their lives and experiences
  • Inclusion: Our community values diversity and actively works towards creating an inclusive environment where everyone feels a sense of belonging. We celebrate differences and promote a culture of acceptance and equality

  • Respect and Independence and Individuality: Respect is the foundation of our community and we promote independence and individuality to help everyone be valued for who they are

  • Care and Support: We are dedicated to providing care and support within an environment that encourages growth for everyone
  • Respecting Rights and Responsibilities: Thornage Hall respect the rights of every individual in our community. We assist tenants and service users to actively participate in decision making processes
  • Respect for the Environment: We recognise the importance of a safe, sustainable and eco-friendly community by promoting responsible practices and environmental awareness

In embracing these values, we strive to create a supportive and enriching environment where individuals can lead fulfilling lives, achieve their goals, and contribute meaningfully to their community.

Paul gardening

Our mission

Striving together for the common good...

We strive to work together for people and the environment. We work both within our community at Thornage as well as with wider communities and organisations in Norfolk in order to meet the needs of adults with learning disabilities and keep environmental sustainability at the heart of what we do.

We aim to create a community with opportunities for work, learning, and personal expression in which:

  • Individual’s abilities and uniqueness are recognised and respected
  • Personal development, contentment and friendship are promoted
  • There are opportunities to develop the social, spiritual, emotional and physical well-being of individuals as the foundation for a fulfilling life
  • People are supported to achieve their own aspirations
  • Environmental sustainability is practiced and encouraged